JULY 2017


Hunters Hill local council elections will take place on Saturday 9 September 2017.

This is a critical election for the independence and survival of Hunters Hill Municipality. The NSW Government is hell bent on the destruction of our elected council, a council that this community has been electing for 156 years.


Mayor Richard Quinn publicly announced on Wednesday 19 July that he will not be contesting this election. Richard has led the fight on council to keep our independence and has given long and distinguished service to this community and will be greatly missed by many.

Former Mayor Ross Williams has put up his hand to run for Mayor. Ross was elected as Mayor for four terms 1989 – 1993 and was on council for 12 years until 1999. He has had a distinguished work career, is Chair of the community organisation ‘Discover Hunters Hill’ and helped establish ‘Save Hunters Hill Municipality Coalition’ (SHHMC) back in 2003 in the successful battle to stop the takeover of Hunters Hill by City of Ryde Council. The group was reactivated in 2012 with Ross as Co-convenor and has been leading the community battle to prevent the NSW Government’s attempt now to forcibly amalgamate Hunters Hill with City of Ryde and Lane Cove Councils. An article on Ross appears in the TWT here .

The Deputy Mayor Mark Bennett has also declared that he will be running for Mayor. Mark on Council opposed the forced amalgamation of Hunters Hill and was one of 5 out of 7 councillors who supported the council’s legal challenge to what has now been found  by the Court of Appeal (Ku-ring-gai case) to be a legally flawed process.

A number of councillors are not running and there is speculation on others – see article in TWT here on Mayor Quinn and councillors.

There will at the election be a poll taken of voters asking the question ‘Do you support the amalgamation of Hunters Hill Council with City of Ryde Council and Lane Cove Council as proposed by the NSW Government? Yes/No. SHHMC strongly recommends that you vote NO at the poll.

For the first time in our history the Liberal Party has called for local members of the Liberal Party to nominate to its head office so that they might preselect candidates to run on their behalf. This is the political Party whose policy it is to forcibly destroy our council and amalgamate it into a mega council of 168,000 people extending over an area of 57 sq km. We await with interest their selection and the announcement of those who would seek to destroy us.

SHHMC will keep you up to speed with this election and as to who are the candidates and what they actually stand for. This information will be placed on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/savehuntershill and on this website https://savehuntershill.wordpress.com/

JUNE  2017

HUGE RESPONSE TO RE-INSTATE PITTWATER COUNCIL http://www.pittwateronlinenews.com/Protect-Pittwater-Crowdfunding-Week-1-Goal-Reached.php


David Wenden, Bob Grace, Sue Young, Pip Rey, Miranda Korzy and Lynne Czinner toast community’s determination to Protect Pittwater this week.

Public feels worse off under amalgamated councils in survey – 7News 4 June 2017 – The first report into Sydney’s amalgamated councils is in and the results aren’t good. Ten thousand residents across Sydney believe bigger isn’t necessarily better. https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/35751717/nsw-councillors-fight-against-council-mergers/#page1 



  • Woollahra wins right to appeal to the High Court –
  • SOCC holds “WITHDRAW NOW” RALLY –  Demands Government Withdraw forced mergers or Premier Resign! – 
  • Randwick Council votes to join ANTI-MERGER COURT ACTION

SOCC Media Release 12 May 2017 “Withdraw Now”

Communities across NSW on 12 May 2017 have called on the Berejiklian Government to WITHDRAW all forced council mergers NOW! One year from ‘Baird’s Day of Infamy’ and the Government’s attempted destruction of eighty one local councils, the community battle against forced amalgamations is stronger than ever. There have been massive swings against the Liberal/National Party in recent by-elections over this issue and successful court cases showing the process to be legally flawed. The community will win this battle.



ABC News 12 May 17 Woollahra Council wins right to take case to High Court. Ku-ring-gai Council’s recent court of appeal victory exposes the Government’s sham and illegal process.


ABC NEWS COMMENTARY MAY 12 2017 – Elizabeth Byrne ABC News on Woollahra Council’s fight against the NSW Government’s forced mergers to be heard before the High Court later this year. It is resisting plans to join with neighbouring Waverley and Randwick Councils. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/woollahra-council-to-fight-against-forced-council-mergers/vp-BBB2Bn1

Ten Eyewitness News 12 May 17 Save Our Councils Coalition demanding removal of all forced mergers.


Nine News 12 May 17 Community demands Government scrap the policy of forced amalgamations.


Michael Daley MP 12 May 2017 – Michael Daley MP Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Peter Primrose MLC Shadow Minister for Local Government and former Mayor of Ryde Jerome Laxale speaking about the dog’s breakfast that is the NSW Liberal National Government’s policy of forced council mergers. https://www.facebook.com/MichaelDaleyMP/videos/1432636326787182/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE


Alan Jones and Phil Jenkyn 12 May 2017



Phil Jenkyn 8 May 2017 on 2RRR Radioactive
Interview with Phil Jenkyn on forced council amalgamations. 



PLACE:Tree of Knowledge’ Domain behind Parliament House, Sydney.


ONE YEAR AGO, on 12 May 2016 the NSW Liberal/National Government broke a written promise by forcibly merging many local councils and launching a vicious attack on those that challenged the decision. Eighty one local metropolitan, regional and country councils were targeted for destruction – to be replaced by mega state dominated councils. Forty five local councils have been forcibly amalgamated, another fourteen continue to fight in the courts and twenty two have to date won their independence battles.

Community Events/Rallies the Domain in Sydney, Gundagai, Tumbarumba and Guyra in the country – with report on progress and country news.

Woollahra High Court decision on leave application delivered today – report.

Legislation before NSW Parliament seeking to de-merge councils – report.

SPEAKERS: To include Phil Jenkyn OAM (SOCC) on today’s Woollahra court decision, Cheryl Szatow (former Mayor Ku-ring-gai) on its successful court case, David Shoebridge (Greens) on proposed demerger legislation, Phil Donato (MP Orange Shooters Fishers & Farmers) on its bill, Peter Primrose (Labor Shadow Minister Local Government) on demergers, The Rev Fred Nile (Christian Democrats) on community support, Brian Halstead (SOCC) on forced amalgamation failures, Jacquie Tuck (SOCC) and Penny Judge (Bombala activist) on country events and challenges.

The Berejiklian Government’s forced amalgamations have failed and the process has been found to be legally flawed by the Court of Appeal. Communities are demanding demergers and their local councils to be restored. The community has turned against the Government over this issue as shown in the recent by-elections in Orange, North Shore, Manly and Gosford.

SOCC CONTACTS: Brian Halstead President 0414 281 604; Phil Jenkyn OAM Spokesman 0422 442 677; Will Tuck Media 0403 673 421

COUNTRY EVENTS: Friday 12 May 2017 at 12 noon

DEMERGE GUNDAGAI RALLY: Friday 12 May 2017 at 12 noon

Place: Carberry Park, Gundagai

Contacts: ‘Council in Exile’ Dr Paul Mara 0421 665 933, Abb McAlister 0428 441 300

DEMERGE TUMBARUMBA RALLY: Friday 12 May 2017 at 12 noon

Place: Tumbarumba Shire Offices

Contacts: ‘Save Tumbarumba Shire’ Brian Wilkinson 02 694 8524, Lucy Henderson 0402 278 126

DEMERGE GUYRA RALLY: Friday 12 May 2017 at 12 noon

Place: Guyra’s NAB Carpark

Contact: Guyra A.N.T.Y Gordon Youman 0467 202 648