Hunters Hill Council Submissions

Submission on Green Paper’ Council made a submission dated 11 October 2012 in relation to the New Planning System for NSW, supportive of a number of proposals and critical of others including replacing councillors with ‘expert panels’ and removing community consultation at the development stage. The Council intends also to make a submission to the Local Government Review Panel in January 2013.

Position Paper to Review Panel’ Council in its response dated 24 February 2013 to ‘The case for sustainable change’, holds the NSW Government to its pre-election promise of no forced amalgamations, emphasises the Council’s sound financial position and economies of scale achieved through outsourcing and collaboration, and the heritage and historic values of Hunters Hill.

Submission on White Paper’ Council made a submission dated 28 June 2013 in relation to the Planning ‘White Paper’ and draft Bill warning that the present proposals if implemented could result in ‘unsympathetic buildings, environmental degradation and significant lost heritage’. It details a number of significant problems with the draft Bill.

Submission re Metro Strategy’ Council also made a submission dated 28 June 2013 in relation to the draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney querying how the high housing targets have been arrived at, and how the 70% of new housing will be accommodated within established urban areas. The suggested Central Subregion that includes Hunters Hill and 16 other Councils is impractical and should be replaced by existing Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs).

Submission to Review Panel’ Council made a further submission to the Local Government Review Panel dated 28 June 2013 re ‘Future Directions’. The Council reiterated its position of no forced amalgamations and is against the Panel’s recommendation of 15 councils for the Sydney Metropolitan area. Council was supportive of regional cooperation through a Regional Organisation of Councils (ROC) model, while retaining local governance. Council also commented on a number of other recommendations.

Resolutions of Council’ Hunters Hill Council unanimously resolved on 9 September 2013 to write to the Premier and others requesting that the Planning Bill be re-written and re-exhibited, in light of the real concerns raised in many submissions including its own. It was also resolved to send a copy to the Minister for Planning and the local State member.

Resolutions of Council‘ Council unanimously resolved on 11 November to express to the Government its continuing grave concerns with the Planning Bill and request that consideration be given to rejecting the Bill in its current form.​