Hunters Hill History and Heritage

Hunters Hill by Beverley Sherry’ This entry in the Dictionary of Sydney sets out the fascinating history of Hunters Hill and its significant heritage values, and identifies the area as Australia’s oldest surviving ‘garden suburb’, that is, a suburb of detached houses in gardens. The entry is a shortened version of her book ‘Hunter’s Hill: Australia’s Oldest Garden Suburb’

The Heritage of Hunters Hill’ This document, prepared in June 2009, provides information about the heritage values of Hunters Hill, and uses extracts from authoritative sources including the Australian Heritage Commission, the Hunter’s Hill Heritage Study and the National Trust of Australia (NSW).

A Verandah Chat’ This video was captured on the verandah of Carl and Alysoun (now deceased) Ryves’ home in Hunters Hill on 8 December 2006. The interviewer is Phil Jenkyn. The interview highlights the importance of the Hunters Hill area; “Its worth fighting for”.

Movie of Public Meeting’ This short video of the public meeting held in the Hunters Hill Town Hall on 17 September 2003 features Barry O’Keefe and Jack Mundey amongst others, and shows the community’s strong sense of belonging and its deep respect for the nation’s heritage.