Councils were required to make their submission to IPART, by June 2015. This was to determine if they were “Fit” for the Future, or whether they were “Unfit” and should merge.

Hunters Hill Council made a submission providing extensive evidence that it was FIT TO STAND ALONE – Councils extensive evidence, and community feedback did NOT SUPPORT AMALGAMATION.

To deliver economies and scale, and enhanced strategic capacity, HUNTERS HILL, along with RYDE and LANECOVE COUNCILS, instead of amalgamating, developed a “REGIONAL ALLIANCE” model in which they would STAY AS INDEPENDENT COUNCILS, yet work together where beneficial, to SHARE SERVICES and to undertake PLANNING FOR REGIONAL NEEDS with the State Government. (This was in alignment with the ILGRP recommendation as an alternative option to amalgamation, where amalgamation was not supported).  This is termed the JOINT REGIONAL AUTHORITY (JRA), and was strongly supported by the communities of all 3 councils.

4: The three councils put in a joint submission to IPART which you can view here: