Our Raising the Colours Campaign was launched on Oct 9th 2015.

Speakers included co-founders of Save Hunters Hill Municipality Co-alition, Phil Jenkin AO and Ross Williiams, (Former Mayor of Hunters Hill Council), as well as current Mayor, Richard Quinn and prominent residents and community leaders.12118908_546394422175838_2391884014951267602_n

WATCH a Spectacular Speech from Mayor Richard Quinn on the importance of grass roots democracy.

WATCH the Launch of Save Hunters Hill Municipality Raise Our Colours, No Amalgamation campaign

The municipal flag was raised and people were asked to show their support for the #SaveHuntersHill campaign and for #NoForcedAmalgamation by placing ribbons of the Municipal colours on their properties. These ribbons can now be seen “festooning  the Municipality”, in an echo of the last battle against amalgamation in 2003.

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THE CAMPAIGN is a community action campaign to get the message through that the community does NOT support Forced Amalgamations. We will be continuing this campaign as long as it takes to prevent the forced amalgamation of Hunters Hill Municipality.

We are:

  1. Active on the ground and on-line, driving a “fly our colours” ribbons campaign, encouraging people to “get informed” and #voice your concern through letters petitions emails and community protest events.
  2. Actively working to support our council to remain independent and pursue true “Fitness for The Future” through the regional alliance model (JRA) with Lanecove and Ryde Councils.
  3. Networking with Save Our Councils, and other important local community groups.
  4. Joining a MASS COMMUNITY PROTEST RALLY – WED NOVEMBER 18th 12 MD at Martin Place. To fight for Local Democracy.
  5. Publishing Amalgamation Updates to share urgent events and latestest news

We are calling to the Government to:

1: Commit to a policy of NO forced amalgamations,

2: Implement the Recommendations of the Upper House Parlimentary Inquiry into local government reform.

SHHMC is concerned that the Government is not listening to advice, or to local communities and blindly pushing ahead with a forced amalgamation policy that will be destructive for Hunters Hill and local communities through-out NSW.

We urge everybody to stay up to date with our campaign alerts, updates and facebook page.

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